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Kawasaki Vulcan Drifter
FaceCovers© Designs

FaceCovers© sewn tubular bandanas offer style and sun protection without weighing you down. FaceCovers© tubular bandanas can be worn MULTIPLE WAYS!

Lightweight and comfortable, our FaceCovers© wick away moisture, dry quickly and breathe well. They can be worn more than 10 different ways—from a beanie to a headband to a hair tie.


Please be patient.
C'mon, I know you can do it.



    • Soft, Breathable
    • 100% Polyester Microfiber
    • 10 Ways to Wear
    • SPF35+
    • Protects Against Wind
    • Quick-Drying
    • 2-Way Lateral Stretch
    • Product Dimensions: (approx.) 12 x 22 inches
    • Weight: 1.3 ounces
    • One Size Fits All Adults
    • Machine Washable
    • Air Dry

Drifter FaceCovers© Designs

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