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Huntington Twixx: The Legend's Pass

Paperback book, 4.125" x 6.25", Color Cover w/ B&W Pages

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Author Don Festge's 4th published book.


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Huntington Twixx: The Legend's Pass.


The Pass: What if there was a chance to discover the most valuable piece of children's literature ever written? What if this book was composed by all the great children's authors over the last four hundred years? What if there were clues within each one of their own books to help find this hidden treasure?

What if you were eleven years old and were the only one who had all the clues to find it? And, what if your parents had been kidnapped and you had to find it to set them free? Would you set out to find it? Would you ask for help? And when you find the one thing that your father has spent his whole life looking for, would you hand it over to set your parents free or would you have a plan?

These are the questions Huntington Twixx must resolve. At the moment Huntington learns of the fabled piece of literature, his life is changed forever. Huntington questions whether he has made the right choice by running away from home and involving his best friend Langston. Now, in the hopes of trying to save his mother and father and reunite his family, Huntington and Langston, along with the help of The Claudias, must find clues within each author's books that reveal where The Pass is hidden. In a race with time, Huntington and his friends dig for clues and unearth secrets woven deeply within the infrastructure of each story and eventually find the coveted book, only to have to relinquish the prize to free his parents.

Now, in one last final attempt, as all seems lost, Huntington attempts to foil the capture's plot, free his parents and recover The Pass.



Huntington Twixx: The Legend's Pass Paperback


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